Makers Of Contact Webmaster Choward’s is a registered trademark of C. Howard Co., Inc. 1007 Station Road Bellport, NY 11713 Choward’s Violet Mints have a floral flavor and fragrance, which makes for a very unique candy experience. Choward’s Lemon Mints are a blend of natural flavor with just the right touch of citrus. Choward’s Spearmints have a strong fragrance with a zestful and long lasting flavor. Choward’s uses real oil of peppermint to produce a strong mint with a smooth taste. Choward’s Scented Gum is a delicious chewing gum with a uniquely refreshing flavor. Choward’s 4.oz Gift Box Contains about 66 Mints. Choward’s T-Shirt 100%cotton Choward’s Hat Adjustable strap on back Choward’s Guava Candy is a unique Guava flavored confection  that will make your mouth water, while releasing the sweet taste of Guava fruit.